Food is personal. Food is political. Food can even feed people. This is why from day one, we put into words the core principles that ground us in our craft and protect the integrity of what we serve to our monied patrons. You can feel confident that we sweat every detail in bringing you the best meal we possibly can, with a level of care and precision rivaled only by that iPhone disassembly robot.

Our Values

Wood fired pizza is just burnt pizza. It's a trick — like Halo Top ice cream and extended warranties. Don't fall for it.

iPads. Perfect for doing the crossword and people pretending to get real work done. They are, however, not plates.

Egg has no place on a hamburger and it most certainly does not belong on a pizza. Knock it off, chefs.

Sustainability starts in the kitchen. That's why we don't serve kale. It's bad and no one has ever intentionally eaten it. We believe in farm to table, not farm to compost bin. Same goes for squash — yuck.

Focus on your meal, not social media. At the end of your dinner, we'll send you a set of professionally shot images and looping vertical videos, tailored to your unique social media aesthetic, ready to post on Snap, Instagram, and of course, LinkedIn.

Fine dining should be a guilt free. As such, we keep several elite marathoners on staff who will go for a run wearing your Apple Watch or Fitbit to juice your stats while you consume an irresponsible amount of carbs.

One experience for all guests. Whether you're Janet Yellen, Jeff Bezos or the Michelin® Man himself*, we promise to deliver the same great culinary adventure that you saw featured on Tasting Table.

Going out for a nice meal shouldn't be a cut-throat experience. No lining up at 5:15PM on a Tuesday. We use advanced algorithms coupled with machine learning to combat reservation and ticket scalping bots. Restaurants are for people, not nerds.

We know sometimes it's hard not to fill up on bread while waiting for the main course. For that reason, we don't offer you any.

No tweezers in our kitchen. Gastriques and elegantly spooned sauces? Yes, please.

Merrick Garland eats free.

* How do chefs and the front of house not immediately know they're being reviewed? He's a seven foot tall guy that resembles a stack of bright white tires. Pretty recognizable, tbh.