german washing machine: San francisco, conveniently located outside of san francisco in marin county, is writing the next chapter in the storied history of contemporary california cuisine.

we're making our mark with an uncompromising commitment to quality ingredients, inspired plates and a mission to prove that exceptional food and unpretentiousness are not mutually exclusive.




Under the leadership and direction of our executive chef, we bring together classic French technique and culinary sensibility, farm fresh ingredients, and unconventionally shaped dinnerware to produce a meal that is both unique and quintessentially Californian.

We've eliminated the cliched and over-engineered menu staples of our peers and have instead focused our attention on just making great food. Pine needle musk pillows aren't really our jam.


gwmSF embraces technology to make every aspect of the restaurant-going experience better. Each table features a personal Amazon Echo to use as your sommelier or to play Jeopardy! when you run out of dinner conversation. Advanced data analytics and neural networks help us optimize for seasonality and freshness, as well as choose only the foods most likely to help us win awards and a feature in Food & Wine magazine. 

See Our Values to learn more about how we use technology.




Fine dining has become a predictable commodity: confit this, balsamic reduction that. We've taken the time to sweat every detail and rethink what a restaurant can be. From a simplified menu to our signature bespoke social media kit, thoughtful touches that anticipate and cater to the wants of modern diners abound.

We put atmosphere and the comfort of our guests above all else. Instead of packing in as many tables as the local fire marshal will allow, we created a dining room that is cozy yet comfortable. We thought to ourselves: could our favorite politics podcast record a listenable emergency episode over dinner here? That's the GWM standard.