About the Restaurant

The German Washing Machine concept has been in development since 2014 and opened to the public in early 2018. It's the answer to the frustrating culinary arms race for just how fussy and extravagant the act of eating dinner has been made to be; a trend enabled and advanced by chefs and the restaurant going public alike.

The concern is that people are losing sight of what makes going out for a first rate meal enjoyable. The benchmark for greatness shouldn't be how exclusive a restaurant is or the word count of their description of the gnocchi. There is a happy medium to be struck and we'd venture a guess that it falls somewhere between In-N-Out and Saison.


Is this a joke?


Much of what's on here is satirical — however, all of the food on the menu is available in our small, very real, limited seating venue by appointment or referral.

Is this helping?


The intent is to be a playful foil to the meticulously tweezered, deconstructed and then reconstituted, liquid nitrogen chilled 11 course meals being tailor-made for Instagram and the people who crave it. What it isn't is an attempt to marginalize the hard work and vision that so many talented chefs who dedicated their lives to food have.